Why Pigs Fly is one of the most engaging Netent slots for new players. The game is easy to set up and easy to learn to make the experience of playing the game worth it. To access the game, try using netentcasino.money to get an insight into the game and the various features found within the system.

Betting Options in the Game

The video game is funny and entertaining to most people who play it. Since the game is easy, the minimum betting option is placed above average because winning is easy. The maximum bet within the system is low with 100. To find out more about the betting options, use http://www.tomorrowscalling.org to get the available options.

When playing the game, there are 10 levels available to accomplish to complete the game. Also, there are five different coin values when playing the game providing the players with an absolute advantage as compared to playing games from other slots. What is more, the betting options range from 0.5 to 100 to increase the flexibility of winning potential.

  • The maximum bet is 100
  • There are 10 levels to accomplish in the game
  • There are 5 different coin values in the betting options

Before you start playing the game, you have to set your betting range. After clicking on the "level" button, you will see an area designated to set the coin size per line. The coin size ranges from 1 to 10 in the game. The coins section displays the number of coins that are availed to the players to wager.

Why Pigs Fly Features Overview

The game is a 5-reel video slot that has more than 20 pay lines. Netent powers the game. When playing the game, pigs are displayed when in space. The video game has colorful symbols, including helmets, pigs, spaceships, and wilds. The reels in the game are transparent, and they are easily set against the backdrop of the rocket launch.

Why Pigs Fly Gameplay

The gameplay involves various sections, such as setting the coin value and setting the number of levels. At first, you have to set the Coin Value before creating the number of levels. After that, you have to set the maximum bet amount before setting the reels to autoplay without interruptions. Lastly, you have to start the reels.

Ways of Winning

There are 3125 ways of winning the game. The standard game provided the players with 45 ways of winning when the players use a 1-3-5-3-1 reels layout instead of using the 3-5 reels layout. When the player reaches 8 consecutive re-spins, the initial layout disappears to form 5-5 reels layout with 3125 ways of winning.

  • The basic system when adopting the 1-3-5-3-1 reels layout provides 45 ways of winning
  • The 5-5 reels layout provides the maximum 3125 ways of winning

Why Pigs Fly Gaming Experience

To most gaming enthusiasts, this game will offer a good challenge while learning. The flying pigs provide a funny experience to the players making it easy for them to engage in real betting. Using the demo is useful because it gives a real picture of what the actual game looks like in terms of the graphical features.

Ready to Start Up

Get ready to have a fantastic experience when playing when pigs fly. The game is developed by the most popular software developer in the industry. Therefore, the risk of losing the slots is calculated. The funny animations in the game will keep you captivated and engaged throughout the entire process. What are you waiting for, start winning today!