How to Win on NetEnt Slots

When it comes to casino games, NetEnt is one of the big names in the iGaming industry. Having designed thousands of games found on most online casinos, it is little wonder that many players love playing NetEnt games. Slots are one of the most played game in the casino world, and several players have often wondered if there is a strategy they can use to get a better chance of winning when playing NetEnt slots. In this guide, our experts will take you through some of the best tips to follow to win more on slots. A list of top NetEnt slots can be found on

Why Does the Type of Slot Matter?

There are several types of NetEnt slots that you will find on NetEnt casinos such as those listed on igich. These slot games come with a variety of features including the maximum win you can make on them. So before you select a slot game, you need to check if it fits your preference. Slots can be categorized as high, medium or low volatility. The term volatility simply means the risk that comes with playing the game. Games with high volatility offer huge winnings but they don't occur frequently. A great example of games that fall into this category is progressive jackpot games.

However, low volatility games offer players small wins, but these wins occur frequently. So you need to decide which type of game you want to go for. Besides the volatility of a slot, you should also check the RTP (Return to Player). This is the theoretical percentage a game will return to players in the form of winnings out of the total bet placed on the game in its lifespan. A slot with a high RTP technically offers a player more chances of winning big. Thus, we suggest that you play slots with an RTP of at least 95%.

What Other Things Should I Consider?

Another important thing to consider when choosing a NetEnt slot that will give you higher winning chances is the Hit Frequency. This simply refers to how often the game allows players to win. A Hit Frequency of 40% means that if you play the game 100 times, you can expect to win 40 times. Once you've chosen a NetEnt slot with high RTP and Hit Frequency, you need to consider your budget for playing the game. Set a budget that can let you last several spins on the game. The more you spin, the more likely you will win.

  • Choose games with a volatility that matches your winning preference
  • Play NetEnt slots that have a high Hit Frequency and RTP
  • Claim bonuses from casinos and use them to win on NetEnt games.

If you get lucky and win big in the game, a good thing to do is to stop betting or change the game. This is because every slot game is designed to allow the house (casino) win. So you want to avoid betting all your winnings on the same game to avoid losing. Another thing that can improve your winning chance is bonuses. Almost all NetEnt Casinos reward their players with incredible bonuses. You should try as much to claim these bonuses and play them on the slot of your choice. Bonuses help you play games longer without worrying about your bankroll.

How Do I Test These Tips?

We've provided you with all the necessary tips that can help you win when playing NetEnt slots. Always remember that checking the volatility, RTP, and Hit Frequency of the slot will go along way in determining how often you can win playing the game. One thing you can do before you wager real money and use these tips is to test it in the free NetEnt games. NetEnt allows players to enjoy many of its games in free mode and this is a good way to test the strategies without paying a dime. So why start using these tips today and win money!


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